May. 8th, 2017

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Like others before me, I made the switch to Dreamwidth. I've been meaning to for a while and finally just decided to do so.

In other news, after 2 months of unemployment I finally found a job and am now a server at Olive Garden. I've been there for almost a month and so far it's going well, even if it's making my right pinky finger worse. I still don't know what exactly I did to it back in January, but I know I somehow hurt it (I think it's either a really bad jam or a fracture of some sort) and carrying those heavy ass trays is making it worse.

Two days ago marked a year since Copper passed away and, almost as if it was fate, my parents were running errands when they decided to look at the pet adoption event that was happening. For over a year, every time it was pet adoption day, my parents avoided it and always said no when I brought up getting another dog. But a year after losing Copper, my parents came home with a little 8 week old marble Pom. Her left eye is blue, her right eye is brown, and she is just a little ball of fluff and energy. We named her Cookie Dough, although we just call her Cookie...or Cookie Monster. She's been trying to get Ru and Lilly to play with her all weekend, and neither of them have any interest- although they do check up on her and make sure she's okay, they just won't play with her.

This is Cookie.


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