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So, as we all know, the holidays are fast approaching. And my parents dropped the biggest surprise on me today. The surprise was so big, they didn't even know it would happen.

My parents went into Petco yesterday to pick up our three dogs after they had been groomed. It was pet adoption day and there was this sweet little pup that kept wanting attention from my parents. So my parents read her thing and found out that she had been abandoned (with 5 other dogs, one of which was her six month old puppy) over Thanksgiving by being thrown over a six foot fence into the backyard of a vet's office.

The dog had been going by Foxy once she was found and yesterday was her first day up for adoption. After petting her and getting to know her, my parents fell in love. But my mom wasn't sure how Kandi would react to another female dog so the adoption lady told her that they could just foster Foxy over the holidays, and if they changed things went well then they could keep her.

So...without talking about it, my parents took in this sweet little 2 year old pup and are now foster parents for the holiday season. Although, my parents have fallen completely in love with her (they changed her name to Lily) and I've fallen in love with her after seeing her over Skype.

I get to come home to four dogs for Christmas, and that's pretty cool.

I only have one picture of her right now, but I plan on taking more once I get home next week.
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