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I'm real bad with keeping up on this thing, but I like to think it's because I get so busy. So we'll go with that reasoning.

Last time updated was when my aunt was in the hospital around New Year's, well she got better a few days before I flew back to SF and within four weeks she was back in Seattle. So all is good on that front. Yay!

Now on to the current updates:

I'm currently working on a new script for my Directing 3 class, and I keep bouncing back and forth between two ideas. The first idea is a young woman gets caught in a blackout and begins to hear strange noises (getting louder and louder throughout the blackout) whenever it's silent. The second idea is a sister and brother catching up after years of the sister being in a mental institution and, despite the doctors saying she is well enough to be in society again, the brother keeps calling her crazy and pretty much provoking her- and if you know me, then you know this film will not end well. But Spring Break starts on Saturday for me, so hopefully I'll have a script written to give to my actors by the end of next week.

Other than that, my classes are all going great. My Short Film 2 class is awesome (unlike Short Film 1 last semester). And part of the reason it's awesome is my teacher. He wrote for Doctor Who (mainly the movie that had the 8th Doctor), and he worked on Young Indiana Jones. And those are a few of my favorite things, so me and him usually have conversations about all that. He even likes the five film concepts I came up with, and has no problem with the fact that they're all horror related. Because, according to him, that's my "finger print" and it's great that I've already found it so early into the game.

As I said earlier, Spring Break in a day away for me. I get to go home and see my brother for a day and a half before he goes back to school to finish his last semester at A&M Corpus Christi. No, he's not graduating. He's just transferring over to A&M (main campus) and has automatic admissions to the business school there, so we're all proud of him for that. And the fact that he made the Dean's List his first semester in college. But back to my Spring Break plans. Besides working on my new script and a few fic ideas, I get to hang out with my parents and play with my Growly Bear, the White Devil, Ru, and the Horse- otherwise known as Copper, Kandi, Bruizer, and Lilly. I'm going to see Robin Thicke with my mom at the Houston Rodeo (thank you Dad's work for being able to get us free tickets) and then my last weekend home, me and the parental units are going to Louisiana to gamble and do adult things.

And then I come back to SF to finish school. Which I'll graduating from next summer. That means I have a year left and that kind of terrifies me, but I have a plan. Instead of going to LA like I originally had planned, I'm going to go back to Texas and live in Austin. Why Austin? Because Austin has a really solid film industry for independents (which is what I need to be in order to do horror because let's face it, Hollywood is not the place for that), right there by UT (University of Texas) so I can bum crew (and maybe cast) from their really good film program, and it's cheaper. Plus, Austin's a real nice place to live. So I'll move there, work on this awesome script for a feature film involving a local legend from Hellsville (Huntsville), and get a job to support my filmmaking until I get lucky.

And speaking of jobs, I had a job at another Doggy Daycare (K9 Playtime) that was right around the corner from my dorm. It was decent place to work, the dogs were the best, and I worked there with another friend (and my roommate). When we left for Christmas, we still had our jobs. Then we come back and suddenly, they don't give us the time of day. I had emailed them a few days before I came back to remind them of my schedule change and when I could start again (which was 2 days after I got back), then I texted my general manager because I didn't get a confirmation that my email had been read. When she didn't get back to me, I called her (no answer) and then called K9 (no answer for any of my attempts). I went in there and was told I needed to come back when either Marc (the owner) or Cheri (the GM) was there but they wouldn't tell me when they would be in. They did the same to my friend, except Cheri did get back to her to say that she had been sick these last few days and just checked her phone. But that was it.

After two weeks, it was obvious we had been fired without being informed over the break. And that would've been okay with me, if they had told me before I left or came back. Instead, they had me and my friend thinking we were coming back to jobs and that clearly was not the case.

And to make matters worse, they never gave my friend her last check and they never gave me my W2. Luckily, I have my last paycheck stub so I can use that for my taxes. My friend got her W2 and we live in the same building, so I went in again (after no response to my email or phone call) asking if they could just print a new one for me but was given the same run around about having to come back when Marc was there. So after three weeks of battling with that, my mom told me to forget it and she's just going to turn them in to the IRS. And my friend is turning them into the state revenue place because she was given the run around as well about getting her last check.

But other than that, everything is great in my world. I've been going to the gym Monday-Saturday for the last five weeks and have lost five pounds. My school has a heavy bag, so I've been letting my frustrations out on that every day (although I tore a bunch of skin off of my right hand on Tuesday, so no more heavy bag until that heals) and I've been going to yoga on Wednesday nights and that's been helping me let go of my frustrations and anger.

And the greatest thing about hitting the gym like I have been, I've been able to start swimming again! It took me about three weeks (since the last time I swan was two years ago) to get up to swimming a quarter of a mile non-stop, so now my next goal is to be able to swim half a mile non-stop. I'm slowly working up to swimming a mile with no breaks. Yay fitness!

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Welcome Back! So good to hear that things are going well for you. I hope it a keeps working out for you. Both of your scripts sounds intriguing. I would go to see either of them. I do like to watch horror movies thought. Have fun on Spring Break and good with the rest of your school year! *hugs*


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