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 Actually, it was only 19 years ago and it happened on Earth. I promise you [ profile] bobbymcg  is completely human.

I give you my word.'s her birthday. That's right, my McBrother is another year older today. Although, she still has an hour until her birthday- she moved 2 weeks ago. We're very sad. And since she moved, she became a time traveller.

For surs? (That's you, just so you know)

Yes, for surs.

She's like the Doctor's companion- minus actually travelling with the Doctor in the TARDIS.

In honor of her birthday, I made her this kick ass multifandom video. Enjoy!

Song- Not Your Birthday
Artist- Allstar Weekend

April 24th

Apr. 24th, 2011 08:43 pm
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This was gonna be a gif story, but two things happened that prevented that idea.

1- Photobucket deleted majority of my gifs, so I had to go back and get them again (and that happened Friday)

2- I'm still uploading and reorganizing, but photobucket doesn't wanna work with me right now and being slow.

So this is gonna be a regular post.

Remember how sick I've been? Well, I got better Friday morning. So it was gonna be a good birthday.

Now, about my birthday....


I went to one of my favorite places (Joe's Crab Shack) and ate this 6 layer chocolate cake. It was delicious. The only reason I had cake there was because we were gonna do cake the next day cos my great-grandpa didn't come in until 10 Friday night. So I had cake at Joe's.

Then my favorite part about my birthday came up.


I got a grand total of 175 bucks from my mom's parents (25 bucks), my dad's mom and step-dad (50 bucks) and my parents (100 bucks). My brother got me a t-shirt from the concert he went to (and one that I wanted to go to), and it was even better cos that's the first gift he has ever bought with his own money. My friend got me the Buffy Season 8 Motion Comics on Blu-Ray, and [ profile] bobbymcg got me this bad ass Doctor Who shirt.

Now my parents got me so awesome stuff. First off, they got me a shirt- but not just any shirt, a Buffy shirt (it says, '...and then Buffy staked Edward. The end' and has the outline of two stakes in the background). Second, they got me tickets to the Houston comic con.

On top of all that, I got tweeted happy birthday by 6 celebrities. Which celebrities were crazy enough to tweet me, you ask? Here they are:

-Seth Green
-Clare Grant (Seth Green's wife)
-Amber Benson
-Clare Kramer (Glory from Buffy season 5)
-David Boreanaz

But, that's only four celebrities. What about the fifth one? (That's you thinking, by the way)

Well Celebrity Number 5 was the icing on the cake for my birthday.

I got a happy birthday tweet from none other than the man himself:

Sexy Beast



King Giles

Anthony Head

-insert geekgasm-

So my birthday rocked.

Yesterday, I went to Galveston with my parents and great-grandpa for a few hours. We ate at this nice sea food restaurant and I had some awesome shrimp for lunch. For dinner we went to this great place called The Potatoe Patch with my mom's parents- I had this great  bacon burger and awesome white chocolate chip muffins.

Now....the Doctor Who premiere.

Words cannot describe how PERFECT it was! I mean, my mind is still blown and I'm demanding that it be next Saturday RIGHT NOW.

The first episode of this season was just....


I cried. I yelled at the TV. I laughed. I giggled. I even awwww'd.

Basically, my emotions were taken on a roller coaster. As was my mind.

I still don't like River or Rory.

I still ship Eleven and Amy. Hardcore.

The only thing new about me and this fandom is that I now ship River and Rory.

Don't ask cos I can't even begin to explain where that ship came from. All I know, thanks to [ profile] bobbymcg is that I'm not alone in shipping them.

Now on to how my Easter went.

It was the same as any other day, with the exception of this nice little basket full of chocolatey goodness (that's right, I'm 19 and I still get an easter basket) and a big dinner.

My neighbor ended up having dinner with us (which gave us a full house of me, my brother, my parents, my mom's parents, my great-grandpa and my neighbor). And I love my neighbor, she's like family.

She even told my great-grandpa tonight that my parents were like her own kids- so my brother asked if that made me and him her grandkids.

We laughed in merriment.

Then after dinner we had my birthday cake.

Actually, the cake came after 2 hours of telling stories.

So all in all, this weekend has been a good weekend.

Except for the whole gif drama photobucket has put me through.

So I should be updating my fics tonight. As well as finishing up a video and most likely starting another one.

And, question....should I change my mood icon things?

If i do, I'm thinking either making a Buffy/Giles set or a Uther/Morgana set.

Or should I go with a pre-made Merlin or Doctor Who set?

Or make a Repo! set?

Or do I keep my Giles set?

What should I do?

April 20th

Apr. 20th, 2011 09:32 pm
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 I hate being sick.

Especially when I go from feeling better to feeling worse.

On top of that, I have classes tomorrow. Which I have to go to cos I have finals coming up in a few weeks. And cos I've missed a lot of days from Tai Chi and Government.

And I had a paper due Tuesday for English, but (not only am i sick) I lost my paper. So I'm probably getting a zero for it.


That doesn't help me with the fact that I feel like shit. Seriously, I feel like I'm dying.

My throat is dry all day, I've coughed so much that I've ripped my throat and taste/cough up blood (this always happened when I get really sick), I'm burning up, I'm freezing, my head feels like a heavy metal band is inside it and my chest feels like it's bruised (it hurts when i cough, talk loud or move).

Seriously, I hate being sick.

But on a bright side, I finally updated Family Portrait (for those who read that fic) and I'm about 2 or 3 chapters away from finishing it. And then I'll decide on if I wanna write prequels to that- they would take place during the TV series, and give me a chance to rewrite episodes to include serious B/G.

And then I'll focus on A Twist in My Story since I'm nowhere near done with that one. And work on the Somebody Like You series I was talked into (not that I'm complaining). And finally work on a request that [ profile] bobbymcg  had made a while back when she was watching season 2 of Buffy.

And then I'll go on to work on fanfics for Merlin (maybe...still deciding), Repo! and Batman (my one true love).

Plus I'll work on some more fanvids.

Maybe get some serious writing done on the novel I've been working on for about year now.

On another note, I signed up for this year's [ profile] summer_of_giles . It's my first time doing it and I've signed up for 3 days, but I'm feeling like I can do this. Otherwise I wouldn't have signed up for 3 days.

So I'll be thinking about ideas for that specifically.

And I turn 19 in 2 days. Which I'll probably be sick for.

Damn it.

And my great-grandpa flies in from Seattle on my birthday to spend Easter with us. So I'm excited cos we don't get to see him nearly enough, considering we're the only family members who live in Texas. Me, my brother and my parents that is. And I getta go to NASA with my mom, grandparents and great-grandpa.

Which is exciting cos I haven't been to NASA since I was in 1st grade- which was 13 years ago.

And Doctor Who starts up Saturday.

Is it weird that I'm more excited fro Doctor Who to return than I am about turning 19?


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