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Feb. 14th, 2012 02:09 pm
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So I thought I would give writing drabbles a try. And seeing as how today's Valentine's Day, all 7 of them are centered around this wonderful day.

Enjoy the drabbles, guys!

Amy/Giles )

Merlin/Arthur )

Peeta/Katniss )

Eleven/Amy )

Uther/Morgana )

Human!Ten/Rose )

Giles/Buffy )

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 Song- Monster
Artist- Paramore

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 Song- Breakeven
Artist- The Script

I honestly don't know what this is. All I know is that the idea came to me after seeing two GIFs used together.

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If you like this video, please vote for it for Dragoncon.

Dragoncon Fandom Music Video Awards

Song- Hurricane
Artist- 30 Seconds to Mars
Pairing- Buffy/Giles, Ten/Rose, Nine/Rose, Eleven/Amy, Nathan/Mag and Uther/Morgana

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 Song- Swallowed in the Sea
Artist- Coldplay

Buffy/Giles- Swallowed in the Sea
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Song- Lost in You
Artist- Three Days Grace

Buffy/Giles- Lost in You

If you like this video, please vote for it here....

Dragoncon Fandom Music Video Awards
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 Song- Crazy for this Girl
Artist- Evan and Jaron

Buffy/Giles- Crazy for this Girl
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 Song- Someone Like You
Artist- Adele

AU Buffy/Giles- Someone Like You
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 So we started our demos in Tai Chi today.....

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 Yay another video!

Song- Signal Fired
Artist- Snow Patrol

Buffy/Giles- Signal Fire
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Just a little tribute to the first 3 seasons of Buffy because, deep down, we all miss the Sunnydale High years.

The video is set to 'Where is My Mind?' from the Sucker Punch album

Buffy- Where is my Mind?
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Song- Peacock
Artist- Katy Perry

Yay, another Buffy/Giles video!

I think I out perved myself by using Katy Perry's 'Peacock'.

Buffy/Giles- Peacock
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I know, I know...I made a fanvid for Jenny and Giles using The Click Five's song 'Jenny', and -GASP- there is no sign of Buffy/Giles (which I think proves to my friend Blake that I am capable of making something non-Buffy/Giles related).

Although, I make up for it by making the video anti-Jenny/Giles towards the end.

Jenny/Giles- Jenny
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 Yes, this is another part of my post from yesterday about my conversation with [livejournal.com profile] bobbymcg  about Buffy. Be warned, there is some language and pervy comments in this.

Enjoy the strangeness that is me and my friend. (Remember, R is [livejournal.com profile] bobbymcg  and S is me)

Also, there are spoilers for the season 8 comics. So if you have no idea what happens at the end of the comics, there are spoilers at some point. Although, by now I think everyone knows (even those who don't read the comics)

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 Remember how I was saying that [livejournal.com profile] bobbymcg started watching Buffy because of me? And that she shipped Buffy/Giles because of me?

So we do two 18 year olds talk about while one is watching Buffy for the first time and the other is watching Adult Swim?

Let's find out! (R is [livejournal.com profile] bobbymcg  and S is me)

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 Ok, this is what happens when I get my friend to start watching Buffy and we end up talking about Buffy/Giles.

Buffy/Giles- I Like That
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 Ok, so a couple of days ago I made my first Buffy video on youtube. And my buddy [livejournal.com profile] bobbymcg  (as always) watched my video (cos she always watches my videos just like I always watch hers- yeah, we're cool like that). She had never seen Buffy before, but my video made her start shipping Giles and Buffy.

So, naturally, I was really proud that I made my friend ship a couple from a show she has never watched. But now she has informed me that she's gonna start watching Buffy (she's actually watching 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' as I type this). And here are some of the comments she has made thus far:

-"I love how Anthony keeps getting into her personal space and also no one's like dude he's awfully close to her."

-"Awww I would love more inappropriate closeness." (after I told her about the whole 6 inch rule Joss had set between Anthony Head and Sarah Michelle Gellar)

-"Even if I hadn't shipped them before watching this I soooo would after watching the first episode."

Yeah, so I think this proves how much of a geek I am.

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Song- It's Beginning to Get to Me
Artist- Snow Patrol 

My first Buffy/Giles video! I like how it out, although I wish I made the video longer (but I was working with the first 3 seasons). The only thing that made making this video better is the fact that I'm watching the end of season 3.

Buffy/Giles- It's Beginning to Get to Me
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Before I go on with this post...

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 So I'm watching 'Band Candy' on Chiller right now and this has led to me craving chocolate....and making sexual comments to my friend about Anthony Head -shifty eyes-

But that's not the random thought about this episode. The random thought is that I know how to do those Tai Chi moves that Angel does in this episode. And what they're called...and I now have the urge to run through my Tai Chi routine while eating chocolate.

This episode also makes me want a zippo even more than I do.

On a side note, my dad is outta the woods. His results came back all of the good. So it was just a freak of nature happening.


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