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 So I just realized that it's been a long ass time since I gave a proper update on events in my life. And since I've got time, I've decided to really give out updates (and rants) about events that have happened this summer.

I'll put them all in separate cuts in case you don't want to read about the stuff you have on interest in. With that said, on to my update(s)!

Update: Dad's Heart )

Rant: The Shit I Put Up With From "Friends" (And When Enough Is Enough) )

Update: Film School and Nerves )

Update: BFFL Time and Concert )

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 So my dad's surgery went well. The doctor said he's pretty sure he killed the extra heartbeat, but my dad is staying at the hospital over night just to be sure and basic post-surgery procedure.

I'm hoping that his heart issues are fixed for good now because, honestly, I don't think I would be able to handle it if something happened while I was in school. At least when this all started, I was going to community college that was 30 minutes away from my house and I could get to where I was needed quickly.

But if his heart wasn't fixed and something happened after I moved to San Francisco, not only would I not be able to handle it but I don't think I could be okay with myself going to a school states away from home while my dad had this weird condition the doctors have never seen before.

But, I'm trying this new thing were I'm being optimistic. It's not working so well right now.

And since I don't wanna end this on a depressing note, me and my best friend are going to see Parachute, Michelle Branch and the Goo Goo Dolls this Sunday. We're excited cos it's our last big thing we do before school starts up.

We would've gone to RHPS like we usually do, but she has to go to this family thing on the day Rocky Horror is happening. No big deal, we figured we'll go over Christmas break or next summer.
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 Remember that wonderful heart issue I had mentioned a few months ago with my dad?

Yeah, it escalated and now he's having surgery.


So I'm in the waiting room.

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 Sorry about the lack of updates. Things have kinda been....weird.

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 Okay, so my dad was able to get into the hospital earlier than the 28th and went in on the 22nd. The doctors wanted him to come back the next day (which would be yesterday) so they could do a procedure on him to see if there was any blockage.

Good news- There was no blockage!

Bad news- That means something else is causing his heart to spaz out on him. So now he has to go back in in 2 weeks so they could do a sleeping test and see if there's anything connected with his sleeping ability and his heart.
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 So remember how I was saying that my dad's heart was acting up again? Well, we got the results in yesterday.

Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

So my dad is being taken to one of the hospitals downtown on Wednesday so they finally figure out what the hell is up with his heart. All we know is that it beats rapidly and skips, but we don't know why and we don't know exactly what that could do to him.

I'm hoping that the doctors can figure it out and fix it, or help him, so that way when I go to San Francisco I don't have to worry about something happening to him and me not being able to be there. Cos I'm a daddy's girl and the thought of something serious happening to him while I'm miles and miles away...

I don't really wanna think about it.

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 My GIFs are still unavailable, so no GIF story for a few more days. Because my updates are a bit lengthy, I'm dividing them up by category- that way you can read which one you wanna know about.

Summer of Giles )

San Antonio trip )

Dad Scare: Part 2 )

Academy of Arts University )

Doctor Who thoughts/theory )
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 So I'm watching 'Band Candy' on Chiller right now and this has led to me craving chocolate....and making sexual comments to my friend about Anthony Head -shifty eyes-

But that's not the random thought about this episode. The random thought is that I know how to do those Tai Chi moves that Angel does in this episode. And what they're called...and I now have the urge to run through my Tai Chi routine while eating chocolate.

This episode also makes me want a zippo even more than I do.

On a side note, my dad is outta the woods. His results came back all of the good. So it was just a freak of nature happening.

March 3rd

Mar. 3rd, 2011 11:26 am
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 There's really not much to talk about, except that my dad went downtown to take more tests and he's now waiting for the results. The cardiologist said that what happened might have been just a freak thing of nature...a fluke. The tests he did came back fine and the results that we're waiting for are from the ultrasound that cardiologist did on his heart. So I'm hoping that this was just a weird thing that happened -crosses fingers-

Other than that, I'm currently trying to get over this writer's block that has been stalking me for a week. And I'm really digging Tai Chi...I mean, I'm gonna go do outside of school once this semester is over (which means the next 48 moves I learn involve a sword...-grins-).

Speaking of school, I have to go register for classes to take over the summer tomorrow. Why am I deciding to take on school during the summer break? One- to catch up on Government (one more semester), History (2 semesters behind...I know, weird cos I'm a History major) and French (2 semesters behind since I need 2 years of a foreign language); and Two- I kinda wanna graduate earlier. I may be crazy, but oh well -shrugs-

Feb. 27th

Feb. 27th, 2011 08:07 pm
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My dad came home from the hospital today, but the doctors still don't know what's up. All they know was that it wasn't a heart attack and that there is no blockage in his arteries, so that's good. He has to go back to run more tests and there's a million other things that I don't completely understand. My brother is frustrated that I don't understand what's going on, but just cos I'm 18 doesn't mean I know all this medical shit.

On a side note, I've been trying to keep busy (to keep my mind off things) by making videos for my fandoms and writing some.

And now back to watching the Oscars. And Toy Story 3 just won!!!! -jumps up and down- Can you tell I'm a little kid deep down?

Feb. 26th

Feb. 26th, 2011 08:41 pm
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So the last time I updated (when I said that I saw my dad briefly) was the last time I saw my dad today (but he's not dead cos I know how that looks). My brother and grandpa were with him while me and my mom were at the house, and the plan was to switch so I could visit with him until visiting hours were over. That didn't happen.

3 hours ago, I picked up my brother to take him home so he could go get dinner with some friends. I get to the hospital and my brother texts me to say that our dad is talking to his mom on my brother's cell phone. So instead of going inside to his room while my grandpa smoked (since 2 people could be the room), I sat in my car in the parking lot until my brother came to my car.

So I drive my brother home while my grandpa stays with my dad until me and my mom get there. My brother decides not to go out and instead we (me, my mom and my brother) go out to eat at Red Robin. By the time we're done with dinner, visiting hours are almost over and I just go home with my brother. And even when I did see my dad for that brief period, I didn't say anything....just sat in the chair and let the others talk.

Does it make me a bad daughter if I'm kinda glad that I didn't have to see my dad today? It's not that I don't wanna see him,'s hard to explain. I just hope they can figure all this shit out tomorrow after his last test, otherwise I have a feeling that I'll be stressing during my classes Tuesday.
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 I briefly saw my dad at the hospital about 15 minutes ago. My brother and grandpa are with him, and me and my mom are back at the house. I'll be going back up in about 3 hours to visit with him until visiting hours are over, and then it's back to the house while my mom stays with him.

I hate hospitals. Always have, always will. But I always hated them cos I find myself always in them, and my surgery 2 years ago didn't really gain hospitals any brownie points either. But seeing my dad hooked up to all those machines, and hearing the alarm go off 2 different times for 3 different things cos of his heart didn't help.

He hates it too, only cos he can't eat anything good and is stuck on that uncomfortable bed with nothing to do. He's making jokes about everything right now, and telling me that I still had it worse with my surgery complications...but still.

And then he went and pointed out the irony of me drinking a Monster while he's in the hospital for his heart. He was trying to make me laugh, but it just made me feel bad.


Feb. 26th, 2011 01:04 pm
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My mom called. The doctors are keeping my dad for another night. Apparently his heart beat is irregular due something that I don't understand cos I don't speak medical-speak. So my mom is coming home for a few hours and me and my brother are gonna go to the hospital while my mom gets some rest.

It kinda sucks though since only one person can be in the room with my dad. My mom says that I shouldn't worry, but I don't think she really expects me to not be worried. My dad's 39...he shouldn't have these types of problems with his heart. 
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So last night me and my family were having a fun time just joking around with my brother in front of one his friends, like we always do. My dad went with my brother as he dropped his friend off and filled up his car cos my dad was paying for the gas and showing my brother how to fill up (this was at 5:30, remember this).

He came home and told my mom (without me or my brother knowing) that at the gas station he got dizzy, lightheaded, shaky and a pain in his chest had started. The night goes on and then at 9-ish my mom had asked him if he was feeling better and he said no, but he wasn't feeling worse. So my mom asks me to burrow my laptop and starts looking up early signs for heart attacks.

My dad answers her questions about chest pain and other things, but when she ask if his arm is feeling weird he kinda hesitated before saying that it was all tingly and had been for 10 minutes. This didn't fly with my mom (or me and my brother) and when my dad said it was nothing, my mom pointed out just how serious this was since her uncle (who we were all close with) died of  a heart attack that no one saw coming when he was 45. And my dad is only 39, so this was a huge deal with her, me and my brother.

So they go to the E.R. and tell me and my brother to stay at home until we get a call saying if we needed to come up. This was at 9. At 1:55 in the morning, my mom comes home and tells us that they're keeping my dad over night to keep running all sorts of tests on him, and that we can come up in the morning when she says we can.

As of right now, me and my brother are still waiting. The latest news we got was that they're gonna run one more test in 30 minutes and then we'll be able to know if we need to go to the hospital or not. This sucks cos apparently there are other things going on, but my mom won't tell us.

I'm freaking out cos if something happens to my dad...I dunno, but it won't be good. So I didn't get any sleep last night cos I was wigging out over the fact that my dad's in the hospital for something that may be a heart attack or maybe something else that's bad. 


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