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So I was skyping my folks earlier this evening and it all started off fine, until they asked me what my plans for this evening were. I had plainly said I was planning on staying in for the night while my friends went to a sold out triple feature in Castro. This led to them getting on my case on how I never seem to go out.

Which isn't true. I hand out with my friends after class, play the kinect with them, or just chill in the basement/their rooms with them. It's not our fault that most of the fun places around us require you to be 21+.

When I told my parents this, they told me to get new friends. As if having a different group of friends will solve the fact that I'm 19 in a city where most of the places to go to on a weekend are 21+. And then they went on to say that I needed a job, as if I haven't been trying to get one since I got back from Christmas break.

They claimed they weren't yelling at me, but they were. And I was trying to drop the subject (I was agreeing with them and not saying anything when they stopped talking) but they kept dragging it out.

42 minutes into the call, my mum said she couldn't talk to me anymore and hung up on me. No "goodbye", no "good luck on your job interview tomorrow morning", nothing.

So I proceeded to log out of Skype so they couldn't call me anymore and went for a run in downtown San Francisco at 8:00pm. Not the smartest thing (especially since I just got mugged nearly a week ago), but I always run when I get pissed off. So I ran for an hour and then took a shower for an hour and finally got back on the computer.

I saw I had a text and thought maybe it was from my parents, but it wasn't.

Even though I know that there's really no (affordable and nearby) nightlife for a 19 year old where I am, I still feel like a loser for staying in on a Friday night.

Thanks, Mum and Dad! -eye roll-
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 So I just realized that it's been a long ass time since I gave a proper update on events in my life. And since I've got time, I've decided to really give out updates (and rants) about events that have happened this summer.

I'll put them all in separate cuts in case you don't want to read about the stuff you have on interest in. With that said, on to my update(s)!

Update: Dad's Heart )

Rant: The Shit I Put Up With From "Friends" (And When Enough Is Enough) )

Update: Film School and Nerves )

Update: BFFL Time and Concert )

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 Sorry about the lack of updates. Things have kinda been....weird.

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Okay, so last night was the awesome Q&A for Repo! The Genetic Opera and then the screening.

That was fucking awesome! Best thing ever!

So today is the last day for Comicpalooza and I was really looking forward to it. I got dressed and showered and all ready to go.

Then my dad said we aren't going cos we're having ribs for dinner. I didn't plan on staying all day today.

I was just gonna stay til 3.

But we aren't going.

It fucking sucks cos this was one of my birthday presents.

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 Guess what guys...YT is hassling me. Again.

They gave me my second strike.

First strike was for my Signal Fire video. I was pissed, but I could live with one strike.

But now, they deleted my recent video- the Repo! video set to Bloody Mary. Sure, you can still watch that video on here cos I embedded it.


And seeing as how YT hates my guts, they'll find some way to delete another video and deleted this account.

I was smart this time, however. So if you subscribe (and are friends) with TheHuffster06, please subscribe (and friend) my backup account- TheHuffster04.

Thanks guys.
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 I'm starting to hate Youtube. They deleted my Signal Fire video.

Seriously, I'm not making any money off of my fanvids nor am I claiming the songs/clips as mine.

Youtube, GTFO and let me post my creative labors!

I'm seriously starting to get pissed off by YT.
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 Yeah, this is gonna have spoilers for last night's episode of Doctor Who.

That's your warning.

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April 30th

Apr. 30th, 2011 06:55 pm
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 So I was suppose to go out to eat and see a movie with this guy I know.

I was super excited, which should have been my first hint that tonight wasn't gonna go as planned.

It's not like I went out and had an awful time, it's more like I didn't go out at all cos I haven't heard from him since we made plans to go out.

This is why I don't make plans for my weekends.

They always fall though after I actually start looking forward to whatever it is I'm gonna do and get ready for said activity.

And this is always why I never date anyone. Something always comes up the day I'm suppose to go one said date.

Now I'm gonna eat ribs, watch Doctor Who and have a movie marathon.


Shit like this makes me wonder why I even try to have a social life.

April 20th

Apr. 20th, 2011 09:32 pm
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 I hate being sick.

Especially when I go from feeling better to feeling worse.

On top of that, I have classes tomorrow. Which I have to go to cos I have finals coming up in a few weeks. And cos I've missed a lot of days from Tai Chi and Government.

And I had a paper due Tuesday for English, but (not only am i sick) I lost my paper. So I'm probably getting a zero for it.


That doesn't help me with the fact that I feel like shit. Seriously, I feel like I'm dying.

My throat is dry all day, I've coughed so much that I've ripped my throat and taste/cough up blood (this always happened when I get really sick), I'm burning up, I'm freezing, my head feels like a heavy metal band is inside it and my chest feels like it's bruised (it hurts when i cough, talk loud or move).

Seriously, I hate being sick.

But on a bright side, I finally updated Family Portrait (for those who read that fic) and I'm about 2 or 3 chapters away from finishing it. And then I'll decide on if I wanna write prequels to that- they would take place during the TV series, and give me a chance to rewrite episodes to include serious B/G.

And then I'll focus on A Twist in My Story since I'm nowhere near done with that one. And work on the Somebody Like You series I was talked into (not that I'm complaining). And finally work on a request that [ profile] bobbymcg  had made a while back when she was watching season 2 of Buffy.

And then I'll go on to work on fanfics for Merlin (maybe...still deciding), Repo! and Batman (my one true love).

Plus I'll work on some more fanvids.

Maybe get some serious writing done on the novel I've been working on for about year now.

On another note, I signed up for this year's [ profile] summer_of_giles . It's my first time doing it and I've signed up for 3 days, but I'm feeling like I can do this. Otherwise I wouldn't have signed up for 3 days.

So I'll be thinking about ideas for that specifically.

And I turn 19 in 2 days. Which I'll probably be sick for.

Damn it.

And my great-grandpa flies in from Seattle on my birthday to spend Easter with us. So I'm excited cos we don't get to see him nearly enough, considering we're the only family members who live in Texas. Me, my brother and my parents that is. And I getta go to NASA with my mom, grandparents and great-grandpa.

Which is exciting cos I haven't been to NASA since I was in 1st grade- which was 13 years ago.

And Doctor Who starts up Saturday.

Is it weird that I'm more excited fro Doctor Who to return than I am about turning 19?
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 Because I need to express the rage I have about Merlin...
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April 1st

Apr. 1st, 2011 10:55 am
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 I hope this is an April Fool's Joke...

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 Yes, this is another part of my post from yesterday about my conversation with [ profile] bobbymcg  about Buffy. Be warned, there is some language and pervy comments in this.

Enjoy the strangeness that is me and my friend. (Remember, R is [ profile] bobbymcg  and S is me)

Also, there are spoilers for the season 8 comics. So if you have no idea what happens at the end of the comics, there are spoilers at some point. Although, by now I think everyone knows (even those who don't read the comics)

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March 30th

Mar. 30th, 2011 05:59 pm
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 So nothing too exciting has gone on today. Go figure, right?

Wednesdays mean no classes for me, and I enjoy that. So last night I had made plans with my friend Blake to hang out today (and we're gonna watch Black Swan- love that movie). I always look forward to our adventures, and today's shinanagins was no exception.

This morning rolls around and I don't text him or anything (he sleeps late) but when I do text him at 1 this afternoon, I don't hear back. No big. I figure he's still sleeping cos that boy could sleep all day and not think anything of it.

I text him 2 hours later, and still nothing. Now I know he isn't sleeping cos he had been tweeting for an hour by that time, and had been on Facebook. Maybe his phone is dead, you may be thinking. But it's not, cos that's how he gets on Twitter (his parents don't know he has a Twitter account, so he uses in iPhone to get on).

So the last thing I had texted him was just saying, 'Sorry to keep texting but I just wanna know what's up and if I need to change outta my pjs. I'm gonna go ahead and say that we're not hanging out today cos it's 5.30'

Didn't hear anything back. So either he got mad at me between last night and now, or he's in one of his moods where he doesn't wanna talk to anyone. Either way, my day did not go down as planned.

I hate when plans fall through.

March 19th

Mar. 19th, 2011 11:49 pm
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 Since it's been forever (and I need a break from writing and vidding)...

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 Just a few things that I wanna say before I hit the sack....

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Feb. 23rd

Feb. 23rd, 2011 01:47 pm
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 I wanna sock someone in the face....

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Feb. 4th

Feb. 4th, 2011 05:41 pm
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Remember that snow that was supposed to hit Houston yesterday? Yeah, it never came. Instead Houston got hit up with an ice storm. But north of Houston (Hunstville, Dallas, etc.) got snow. If I'm gonna freeze in my own home, I would like to look out at snow. Is that too much to ask for?

Anyways, I keep wanting to work on my two fics but I'm waiting until my Mac gets back (which should be Monday or Tuesday) and if all my files were lost. That's the latest on that news.

In other news, I still have no job. I get rejected by 2 grocrey stores and Lowes (twice), and by a dozen other places. I'm getting desperate and frustrated (especially when my brother's 2 friends got a job at the grocrey store I had applied to) with this whole job seeking business. Especially since all places are going to online applications. And even though my brother says HEB (the grocrey store I got rejected by) they give out paper applications- cos that's how his friends got their jobs- I keep getting told to apply online. Someone is lying to me, and I don't know who.

Back to the whoel freezing issue in Texas...I feel bad for those who are actually attending the Super Bowl on Sunday (which could have been me if my great-grandpa had come down this weekend). The weather is just yelling bad news for the Super Bowl.

Jan. 23rd

Jan. 23rd, 2011 09:27 pm
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 Today has been really....different

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