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So...I wish this update was filled with good news, although I guess it starts out with good news.

Good news-

My grandma turned 70 this past Sunday and, as a surprise, the whole family flew down on New Year's Eve. And was my grandma surprised when she saw her son, his wife, and his two sons (who haven't been around the family in years), and her daughter walk through our front door when she thought they were all in Seattle. And then she was even more surprised when she realized everyone was here for her birthday.

And then as a super secret gift, my mom had me go around and film on my phone from when my grandparents flew in (which was Christmas) to my grandma's birthday (which was this past Sunday). And then I went and made a little short film that we screened Sunday night- and that I made copies of for everyone on DVD.

Here's the film if you want to see it )
My cousins left late Sunday night and my grandparents left Monday morning. And my uncle and his wife were supposed to leave Tuesday. Key word- supposed.

Bad news-

My aunt had been sick since Thursday, but none of us thought anything of it since she tends to cry wolf for attention. So, to make sure nothing major was happening, my mom took her to a little clinic Monday morning. And that's when shit hit the fan.

What was originally just something my aunt caused herself (long story, so here's the cliffnotes- she takes meds she shouldn't, is depressed, does nothing but nap all day, stays up all night, and eats shit she shouldn' she's not in the greatest of health) turned into pneumonia. And then she was hospitalized Monday night.

At 11:30pm Monday night, my mom got a call saying her sister was being transferred to ICU- she had deteriorated at a rapid pace since my mom and her brother had left at 9:00pm.

Tuesday morning, my aunt went into an induced coma and put on a ventilator because she had gone downhill so much overnight and was having trouble breathing on her own. That's when my uncle cancelled his and his wife's flight out.

Turns out, my aunt has H1N1- and it's killed 7 people in Houston since December. And, we were all just informed that because of our contact with my aunt before she was hospitalized we are all infected with H1N1 as well.

So tomorrow (or rather, later today), everyone (excluding my uncle's wife who already got her shot) is getting the flu shot. And we're all now taking 1000mg of vitamin C per day. Which is all fine and dandy but now we're all freaking out because 1- my aunt's condition and the fact that we don't know for sure what's happening and 2- me, my brother, and my uncle all have coughs and I have a sore throat- which are symptoms of H1N1. Now that could be all coincidence's still scary considering.

What a way to bring in 2014, huh?
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So, a part from posting fics, I've been pretty dead here. Lucky you (and me), nothing much has really been happening.

The only things worth mentioning happened today and yesterday. Let's start with what happened yesterday, yeah?

It's a known fact that the food the school serves us at one of the cafes is crap. There's always something wrong with it, but it never happened to me. Well, on Tuesday the cafe was serving chicken fajitas- which I love. I ordered them and began to eat. About 3 bites into my first one, I had to stop because it tasted off. I didn't think anything of it and that was that.

Yesterday, I woke up at noon sick to my stomach. I battled nausea all day and after being awake for 6 hours, ended up puking my guts out for 10 minutes straight. 4 hours later, I threw up for 5 minutes straight. When I told my mom, she told me the chicken was most likely raw.

That's right. My school served me raw chicken.

Which resulted in food poisoning for me. Fun.

The only good thing that happened yesterday was that I talked to the guy I like from my editing class for about an hour. We talked about random things before settling on talking about horror movies. Which brought up the topic of Hostel 2 and how I have never seen that movie. So Michael asked if I was free at all today so we could watch Hostel 2 since he owned it.

We were gonna meet by the theater in the library at 2 this afternoon.

I was there. Waited for an hour.

He never showed.

So yeah. That's been the excitement of my life so far.

I get my ass kicked by raw chicken and waited for an hour for a maybe date that never happened.

Yay. -rolls eyes-

April 21st

Apr. 21st, 2011 11:57 am
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 So I went to Tai Chi this morning feeling like shit. But I soldiered through it and went through the whole routine, hoping that I wouldn't faint during the middle of it.

I got dizzy, lost my balance, lost my hearing and sight for about 2 minutes (but it felt like 2 seconds to me), nearly vomited and went from freezing to burning up during the routine.

But I did not faint.


Turns out that my instructor was keeping a close eye on me during the whole time after I had a dizzy spell during the warm up. According to her, my pupils were nearly the size of my irises.

So she told me to go home and forget my other classes, but ask someone if they could give me a copy of that day's notes.

Me being me, I dismissed it and tried to go to my English class. I happened to run into one of the students in my English class, and they told me to go home as well.

So I figured if two people are telling me to go home, I'll go home.

I get home and decide to look at my pupils once I remembered what my Tai Chi instructor had said about them being huge.

My pupils are not as big as she said.

Instead, they're as tiny as a ball point pen.

I have no idea what is going on with me, but it needs to knock it off.

Being sick tomorrow is not how I wanna spend my birthday.

April 20th

Apr. 20th, 2011 09:32 pm
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 I hate being sick.

Especially when I go from feeling better to feeling worse.

On top of that, I have classes tomorrow. Which I have to go to cos I have finals coming up in a few weeks. And cos I've missed a lot of days from Tai Chi and Government.

And I had a paper due Tuesday for English, but (not only am i sick) I lost my paper. So I'm probably getting a zero for it.


That doesn't help me with the fact that I feel like shit. Seriously, I feel like I'm dying.

My throat is dry all day, I've coughed so much that I've ripped my throat and taste/cough up blood (this always happened when I get really sick), I'm burning up, I'm freezing, my head feels like a heavy metal band is inside it and my chest feels like it's bruised (it hurts when i cough, talk loud or move).

Seriously, I hate being sick.

But on a bright side, I finally updated Family Portrait (for those who read that fic) and I'm about 2 or 3 chapters away from finishing it. And then I'll decide on if I wanna write prequels to that- they would take place during the TV series, and give me a chance to rewrite episodes to include serious B/G.

And then I'll focus on A Twist in My Story since I'm nowhere near done with that one. And work on the Somebody Like You series I was talked into (not that I'm complaining). And finally work on a request that [ profile] bobbymcg  had made a while back when she was watching season 2 of Buffy.

And then I'll go on to work on fanfics for Merlin (maybe...still deciding), Repo! and Batman (my one true love).

Plus I'll work on some more fanvids.

Maybe get some serious writing done on the novel I've been working on for about year now.

On another note, I signed up for this year's [ profile] summer_of_giles . It's my first time doing it and I've signed up for 3 days, but I'm feeling like I can do this. Otherwise I wouldn't have signed up for 3 days.

So I'll be thinking about ideas for that specifically.

And I turn 19 in 2 days. Which I'll probably be sick for.

Damn it.

And my great-grandpa flies in from Seattle on my birthday to spend Easter with us. So I'm excited cos we don't get to see him nearly enough, considering we're the only family members who live in Texas. Me, my brother and my parents that is. And I getta go to NASA with my mom, grandparents and great-grandpa.

Which is exciting cos I haven't been to NASA since I was in 1st grade- which was 13 years ago.

And Doctor Who starts up Saturday.

Is it weird that I'm more excited fro Doctor Who to return than I am about turning 19?

April 19th

Apr. 19th, 2011 02:15 pm
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 Can someone please shot me?

Read more... )


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