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 So we started our demos in Tai Chi today.....

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April 21st

Apr. 21st, 2011 11:57 am
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 So I went to Tai Chi this morning feeling like shit. But I soldiered through it and went through the whole routine, hoping that I wouldn't faint during the middle of it.

I got dizzy, lost my balance, lost my hearing and sight for about 2 minutes (but it felt like 2 seconds to me), nearly vomited and went from freezing to burning up during the routine.

But I did not faint.


Turns out that my instructor was keeping a close eye on me during the whole time after I had a dizzy spell during the warm up. According to her, my pupils were nearly the size of my irises.

So she told me to go home and forget my other classes, but ask someone if they could give me a copy of that day's notes.

Me being me, I dismissed it and tried to go to my English class. I happened to run into one of the students in my English class, and they told me to go home as well.

So I figured if two people are telling me to go home, I'll go home.

I get home and decide to look at my pupils once I remembered what my Tai Chi instructor had said about them being huge.

My pupils are not as big as she said.

Instead, they're as tiny as a ball point pen.

I have no idea what is going on with me, but it needs to knock it off.

Being sick tomorrow is not how I wanna spend my birthday.
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 So I'm watching 'Band Candy' on Chiller right now and this has led to me craving chocolate....and making sexual comments to my friend about Anthony Head -shifty eyes-

But that's not the random thought about this episode. The random thought is that I know how to do those Tai Chi moves that Angel does in this episode. And what they're called...and I now have the urge to run through my Tai Chi routine while eating chocolate.

This episode also makes me want a zippo even more than I do.

On a side note, my dad is outta the woods. His results came back all of the good. So it was just a freak of nature happening.


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