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 Guess what guys...YT is hassling me. Again.

They gave me my second strike.

First strike was for my Signal Fire video. I was pissed, but I could live with one strike.

But now, they deleted my recent video- the Repo! video set to Bloody Mary. Sure, you can still watch that video on here cos I embedded it.


And seeing as how YT hates my guts, they'll find some way to delete another video and deleted this account.

I was smart this time, however. So if you subscribe (and are friends) with TheHuffster06, please subscribe (and friend) my backup account- TheHuffster04.

Thanks guys.
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 I'm starting to hate Youtube. They deleted my Signal Fire video.

Seriously, I'm not making any money off of my fanvids nor am I claiming the songs/clips as mine.

Youtube, GTFO and let me post my creative labors!

I'm seriously starting to get pissed off by YT.

May 12th

May. 12th, 2011 11:15 am
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 A few things have been up lately....but they're good things.


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 So I woke up this morning and found out that my Youtube account was disabled.

And now I'm in a rage cos I had to make another account and have to re-upload all the videos I made in the past few weeks. But of course, my first two Repo! videos aren't on my laptop anymore -sad face-

I hate Youtube at the moment

So instead of being badwolf2007, I am now TheHuffster06. Let's see if I can get subscribers back
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 Okay, so for the past few nights I've been talking with my good friend [ profile] bobbymcg about how awesome the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera is, and about how hot Anthony Head is. And over the course of our talk we started looking on Youtube for Repo! fanvids.

During our search, we stumbled across a short video that shipped Nathan/Blind Mag to the song 'Love the Way You Lie' that had potential to be a good video. So my buddy made her own version (which I posted on here a few nights ago). We started this search, we weren't sure if we shipped Nathan/Mag but by the time she had finished the video (and after watching it a few times) we were full blown Nathan/Mag shippers.

And we realized that there wasn't enough love for this ship within the Repo! fandom, which makes us sad. So we have made it our mission to spread the Nathan/Mag love and made a community here on LJ. 

This brings me to my point: if you love Repo!, then check out our community. If you love the Nathan/Mag ship, then you should def join the community. Either way, check it out and spread the word.

Our epic Nathan/Mag community
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So this is a video my friend made for me after our discussion last night about Repo! The Genetic Opera, and after we discussed how sexy Anthony Head is. Me and my friend are proud of how it turned out, I'm glad that the video was made for me and I'm excited that I'm not the only one of my friends who thinks ASH is hot (and you won't believe how much crap I get for that from my friends)


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