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Oh, wow . Jeez. It's almost like I disappeared from here.

I'll have to make a note to be better about updating this...and my fics, I am so sorry for everyone waiting for updates. I have not forgotten.

Here's how my life's been )

So that's been my life so far.

But once this week is done, I'm going to sit down and finish writing Legacy and then get back to writing fic and making fanvids.

And for those who are curious about the new films I've made, you can check them out here.
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So I have made a decision that, once again, is affecting my life.

My school have raised housing by $200 and that is something that I didn't need. Besides paying for my school, my parents are paying for my brother as well- and supporting us seeing as how neither one of us have jobs this semester. I feel guilty enough about my parents paying 50,000 bucks a year for me to go after a dream that even on my best days I'm not sure I'll accomplish.

I have on more year left and then I graduate from the Academy, but I've decided that I won't finish it in SF to save my parents money- 15,000 bucks per semester to be exact. That's 30,000 dollars a year. I'll be taking my remaining classes online, living at home again.

I don't want to leave my friends because they are some of the best people I know, but if anyone knows me then they know that I've never exactly been selfish when it comes to my family. And I don't want to know that I'm the reason my parents are barely getting buy.

After officially deciding this, I told my roommates (and two of my best friends) and this has resulted in Caitlin making a playlist dedicated to me. Although it's sounding a lot more like a funeral playlist, and it's making me even more sad about the fact that I won't be spending my last year with the crazy people that have been there for me for the three best, craziest, stressful, and funniest years of my life. I told them that I'll visit them, and I have every intention of doing that. Not because I feel like I should but because seeing as how I'm leaving a group of people that have become my family away from home behind, they deserve for me to visit and catch up on them to make sure they're still getting up to the crazy shenanagins that we get up to.

But...I have about 4 weeks left with them, so now is not the time to think about next year and be sad. I'll enjoy the "funeral" Caitlin is throwing me.

And on the bright side, my parents said that they'll put the money they're saving into helping me network. Which means I'll be going Splatterfest, Dallas Frightmare, and other horror conventions/film fests. And finally get business cards and a website. Now that that makes for what I'm giving up, but...I need to focus on the silver lining.
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I'm real bad with keeping up on this thing, but I like to think it's because I get so busy. So we'll go with that reasoning.

Last time updated was when my aunt was in the hospital around New Year's, well she got better a few days before I flew back to SF and within four weeks she was back in Seattle. So all is good on that front. Yay!

Now on to the current updates:

School Updates )

Spring Break )

Post-School Update )

Work Update )

But other than that, everything is great in my world. I've been going to the gym Monday-Saturday for the last five weeks and have lost five pounds. My school has a heavy bag, so I've been letting my frustrations out on that every day (although I tore a bunch of skin off of my right hand on Tuesday, so no more heavy bag until that heals) and I've been going to yoga on Wednesday nights and that's been helping me let go of my frustrations and anger.

And the greatest thing about hitting the gym like I have been, I've been able to start swimming again! It took me about three weeks (since the last time I swan was two years ago) to get up to swimming a quarter of a mile non-stop, so now my next goal is to be able to swim half a mile non-stop. I'm slowly working up to swimming a mile with no breaks. Yay fitness!
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As far as updates go, I haven't done much writing with the exception of SoG. Actually, I haven't done much for any fandom simply because I was focusing on SoG and then SDCC13 happened, and then it was getting things ready for school again.

As far as SDCC13 goes, I got badges for all 4 days! Took awesome pictures, got three BtVS related autographs (and two pictures), AND got to the Bates Motel panel and had to hold back tears- both from sadness at not getting in, and from happiness at being able to get in. I got into the EW panel and was able to see Matt Smith, got into the Teen Wolf panel, got into the Haven panel (front row, got the best pictures ever, and two autographs), did the Bates Motel panel, and ended it all with the Once More, With Feeling sing-along. I bought my brother a stuff animal STD (inside joke with the family), the missing Buffy (and Angel and Faith) graphic novels I needed, and a Skyfall poster (for 1 bucks). I also got a free Evil Dead poster, and a Haven poster. And some other cool things.

Besides SDCC13, the only other exciting thing that happened was my Directing 2 teacher emailed me (I had him as a teacher last semester) to ask if I wanted to write a 5 page script (which equals a 5 minute short film) for the second week of class, since he thinks I have natural talent and other nice things that gave me confidence in my ability to direct. So I've been working on that for the last 5 weeks, and it's fun...but stressful since I feel like I have to live up to some high (and probably not real) expectation. While writing this script I went from a film about someone being stalked by a evil entity in their bedroom, to a mob hitman walking away from a job, to a conartist stealing from a serial killer, to (finally) a guy from a church giving into the temptation to steal and ends up dead.

And, finally, for the last update. My baby brother left for college yesterday. Me and my parents drove 4 hours with him to Corpus Christi to move him into his dorm and left Corpus Friday morning. It's been just over 12 hours and I miss my brother. I knew I would miss him just a little more because he's off at his own college, which means he's growing up, but I didn't think I would miss him this much. We got home and I walked to my room to put my bag away and had to pass his room. I kinda just stopped in his doorway and looked around, and ended up just breaking down crying because I already missed him. It might seem weird since I go to school in San Francisco and didn't see him that much anyways,'s just somehow different.
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So for the last two weeks I've been editing my final project for school. The story is solid, the continuity is great, I have plenty of coverage and all that jazz- there's just one problem. One of my scenes was shot with a lower quality camera.

And it's noticeable.

So among the many things I have to tweak for Tuesday, I have to figure out how to color correct the rest of my scenes and add a grainy texture to them so it matches somewhat.

I have no idea how to do this.

I was so proud of my final until this problem reared it's ugly head.
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 So I just realized that it's been a long ass time since I gave a proper update on events in my life. And since I've got time, I've decided to really give out updates (and rants) about events that have happened this summer.

I'll put them all in separate cuts in case you don't want to read about the stuff you have on interest in. With that said, on to my update(s)!

Update: Dad's Heart )

Rant: The Shit I Put Up With From "Friends" (And When Enough Is Enough) )

Update: Film School and Nerves )

Update: BFFL Time and Concert )

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 My GIFs are still unavailable, so no GIF story for a few more days. Because my updates are a bit lengthy, I'm dividing them up by category- that way you can read which one you wanna know about.

Summer of Giles )

San Antonio trip )

Dad Scare: Part 2 )

Academy of Arts University )

Doctor Who thoughts/theory )
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 I'm 99.9% sure that I got in the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Admissions gave me a call this morning to ask me some questions, they’re gonna email me tonight with links to things I need to look at and then they’re gonna call me again tomorrow morning to answer any questions I have.

You know what this means?

I got into fucking film school, motherfucker!

I would post GIFs to express my joy, but photobucket claims that I've uploaded my max GBs and won't show anything I have until the 12th. But as soon as my GIFs come back, expect a GIF story
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 It's official.

I'm no longer a college student. I ended up talking to my mom about film school on Thursday, she talked to my dad and they said if film school is really what I wanna do then I can do it.

So yesterday , me and my mom dropped all my classes that started on Monday and the rest of my summer classes. After today (cos I was already taking a class that ends today), I will a college dropout- I guess that''s the word you would use. Then on Monday I've gotta drive up to the community college, sell back my textbooks, talk to the advisors to make sure my parents will get their money back (since I dropped before the first day of class) and then call my high school and have them send my transcript to the school I'm thinking about going to.

Speaking of that, I was surprised when my parents said that the film school in San Francisco was fins for me to go to (if I get in). And since that school doesn't have parking, I'll sell my car and use that money to help with tuition. I'll get a job on campus so I can have spending money (and put aside 20 bucks to buy a car) and then when I come home for the summer, get a summer job and use that money to buy a car when I finish school.

But this school is just like any other college, except it's purely for artist (writers, directors, filmmakers, musicians, painters, etc.). It's a four year school and at the end of it, I'll have  a Bachelor's in Film. And big name companies (Dreamworks, EA Games, Sony, Lionsgate and a bunch more) hire graduates from this school, so that'll help me get a start on my career as a director.

And this school, the Academy of Arts University, is one of the best film schools in the US!

My parents were thinking about letting me go to a film school in London, but that kinda made my brother sad (the fact that he wouldn't be able to talk to me cos of the time difference) so I told them to forget it.

Anyways, I'm going to film school!
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 So for the last 5 years, I've really wanted to be a director. I've never told my parents cos they've always said they don't want me to be a struggling artist, and they're sure that if I went off and became a writer (like so many think I'm gonna do) I won't make it.

I'm 19 years old, in college, and (honestly) it's not working out for me. I mean, it is but not as well as I thought it would. I'm a History major, and I love history, but I really wanna do something creative as a career. I recently has a 3 day discussion with my parents about college (I won't go into detail, but I've been going to college for a year and don't have the credits I should have going into my second year). In that discussion, they had asked if I wanted to go to school still or find a trade school.

I didn't tell them that I wanted to see if there was a film school in Houston. So I told them that I wanted to continue going to school.

Big mistake.

Why was that a mistake? Because I just found a film school that has students learn from legit professionals (both movie and TV) and the school pairs each student with a mentor (a well known director, producer, screenwriter, or whatever you wanna be). And the best part about it, the website says that most students get hired by their mentors company before they graduate- guaranteeing them a job.

I'm thinking about applying right now, and then talking to my parents about it if I get accepted. The best part- it cost the same as the community college I'm going to. And it only takes 6 months to graduate.

I dunno. My parents don't exactly support my creativeness, but I really wanna do it.

Which is why I think I'm doing something stupid.


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