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Oh, wow . Jeez. It's almost like I disappeared from here.

I'll have to make a note to be better about updating this...and my fics, I am so sorry for everyone waiting for updates. I have not forgotten.

Here's how my life's been )

So that's been my life so far.

But once this week is done, I'm going to sit down and finish writing Legacy and then get back to writing fic and making fanvids.

And for those who are curious about the new films I've made, you can check them out here.
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I'm real bad with keeping up on this thing, but I like to think it's because I get so busy. So we'll go with that reasoning.

Last time updated was when my aunt was in the hospital around New Year's, well she got better a few days before I flew back to SF and within four weeks she was back in Seattle. So all is good on that front. Yay!

Now on to the current updates:

School Updates )

Spring Break )

Post-School Update )

Work Update )

But other than that, everything is great in my world. I've been going to the gym Monday-Saturday for the last five weeks and have lost five pounds. My school has a heavy bag, so I've been letting my frustrations out on that every day (although I tore a bunch of skin off of my right hand on Tuesday, so no more heavy bag until that heals) and I've been going to yoga on Wednesday nights and that's been helping me let go of my frustrations and anger.

And the greatest thing about hitting the gym like I have been, I've been able to start swimming again! It took me about three weeks (since the last time I swan was two years ago) to get up to swimming a quarter of a mile non-stop, so now my next goal is to be able to swim half a mile non-stop. I'm slowly working up to swimming a mile with no breaks. Yay fitness!


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