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So I have made a decision that, once again, is affecting my life.

My school have raised housing by $200 and that is something that I didn't need. Besides paying for my school, my parents are paying for my brother as well- and supporting us seeing as how neither one of us have jobs this semester. I feel guilty enough about my parents paying 50,000 bucks a year for me to go after a dream that even on my best days I'm not sure I'll accomplish.

I have on more year left and then I graduate from the Academy, but I've decided that I won't finish it in SF to save my parents money- 15,000 bucks per semester to be exact. That's 30,000 dollars a year. I'll be taking my remaining classes online, living at home again.

I don't want to leave my friends because they are some of the best people I know, but if anyone knows me then they know that I've never exactly been selfish when it comes to my family. And I don't want to know that I'm the reason my parents are barely getting buy.

After officially deciding this, I told my roommates (and two of my best friends) and this has resulted in Caitlin making a playlist dedicated to me. Although it's sounding a lot more like a funeral playlist, and it's making me even more sad about the fact that I won't be spending my last year with the crazy people that have been there for me for the three best, craziest, stressful, and funniest years of my life. I told them that I'll visit them, and I have every intention of doing that. Not because I feel like I should but because seeing as how I'm leaving a group of people that have become my family away from home behind, they deserve for me to visit and catch up on them to make sure they're still getting up to the crazy shenanagins that we get up to.

But...I have about 4 weeks left with them, so now is not the time to think about next year and be sad. I'll enjoy the "funeral" Caitlin is throwing me.

And on the bright side, my parents said that they'll put the money they're saving into helping me network. Which means I'll be going Splatterfest, Dallas Frightmare, and other horror conventions/film fests. And finally get business cards and a website. Now that that makes for what I'm giving up, but...I need to focus on the silver lining.
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As far as updates go, I haven't done much writing with the exception of SoG. Actually, I haven't done much for any fandom simply because I was focusing on SoG and then SDCC13 happened, and then it was getting things ready for school again.

As far as SDCC13 goes, I got badges for all 4 days! Took awesome pictures, got three BtVS related autographs (and two pictures), AND got to the Bates Motel panel and had to hold back tears- both from sadness at not getting in, and from happiness at being able to get in. I got into the EW panel and was able to see Matt Smith, got into the Teen Wolf panel, got into the Haven panel (front row, got the best pictures ever, and two autographs), did the Bates Motel panel, and ended it all with the Once More, With Feeling sing-along. I bought my brother a stuff animal STD (inside joke with the family), the missing Buffy (and Angel and Faith) graphic novels I needed, and a Skyfall poster (for 1 bucks). I also got a free Evil Dead poster, and a Haven poster. And some other cool things.

Besides SDCC13, the only other exciting thing that happened was my Directing 2 teacher emailed me (I had him as a teacher last semester) to ask if I wanted to write a 5 page script (which equals a 5 minute short film) for the second week of class, since he thinks I have natural talent and other nice things that gave me confidence in my ability to direct. So I've been working on that for the last 5 weeks, and it's fun...but stressful since I feel like I have to live up to some high (and probably not real) expectation. While writing this script I went from a film about someone being stalked by a evil entity in their bedroom, to a mob hitman walking away from a job, to a conartist stealing from a serial killer, to (finally) a guy from a church giving into the temptation to steal and ends up dead.

And, finally, for the last update. My baby brother left for college yesterday. Me and my parents drove 4 hours with him to Corpus Christi to move him into his dorm and left Corpus Friday morning. It's been just over 12 hours and I miss my brother. I knew I would miss him just a little more because he's off at his own college, which means he's growing up, but I didn't think I would miss him this much. We got home and I walked to my room to put my bag away and had to pass his room. I kinda just stopped in his doorway and looked around, and ended up just breaking down crying because I already missed him. It might seem weird since I go to school in San Francisco and didn't see him that much anyways,'s just somehow different.
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I just realized that the last time I posted to here was back during my final project of school, not counting my fics of course.

So here's a super short update because my life really has been boring.

My summer sucked because all of my friends weren't talking to me, and the ones that were don't live in Texas. The only exciting part was going to SDCC and seeing everyone I love.

The other thing that happened this summer was that my extneral hard drive got wiped so I lost everything. Which means I'm having to re-gather everything I had, and that's a bitch.

School has started up by now and nothing exciting has really happened except 2 days I fell and landed on my writs wrong. So I went to the doctors today and it turns out that I fractured my wrist.

Other than that, nothing much has happened.
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So I was skyping my folks earlier this evening and it all started off fine, until they asked me what my plans for this evening were. I had plainly said I was planning on staying in for the night while my friends went to a sold out triple feature in Castro. This led to them getting on my case on how I never seem to go out.

Which isn't true. I hand out with my friends after class, play the kinect with them, or just chill in the basement/their rooms with them. It's not our fault that most of the fun places around us require you to be 21+.

When I told my parents this, they told me to get new friends. As if having a different group of friends will solve the fact that I'm 19 in a city where most of the places to go to on a weekend are 21+. And then they went on to say that I needed a job, as if I haven't been trying to get one since I got back from Christmas break.

They claimed they weren't yelling at me, but they were. And I was trying to drop the subject (I was agreeing with them and not saying anything when they stopped talking) but they kept dragging it out.

42 minutes into the call, my mum said she couldn't talk to me anymore and hung up on me. No "goodbye", no "good luck on your job interview tomorrow morning", nothing.

So I proceeded to log out of Skype so they couldn't call me anymore and went for a run in downtown San Francisco at 8:00pm. Not the smartest thing (especially since I just got mugged nearly a week ago), but I always run when I get pissed off. So I ran for an hour and then took a shower for an hour and finally got back on the computer.

I saw I had a text and thought maybe it was from my parents, but it wasn't.

Even though I know that there's really no (affordable and nearby) nightlife for a 19 year old where I am, I still feel like a loser for staying in on a Friday night.

Thanks, Mum and Dad! -eye roll-
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And for that, I apologize. I'm gonna fix that, so prepare for a long update.

First semester at art school )

Christmas break )

Second semester at art school )

Fics and videos )

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So, a part from posting fics, I've been pretty dead here. Lucky you (and me), nothing much has really been happening.

The only things worth mentioning happened today and yesterday. Let's start with what happened yesterday, yeah?

It's a known fact that the food the school serves us at one of the cafes is crap. There's always something wrong with it, but it never happened to me. Well, on Tuesday the cafe was serving chicken fajitas- which I love. I ordered them and began to eat. About 3 bites into my first one, I had to stop because it tasted off. I didn't think anything of it and that was that.

Yesterday, I woke up at noon sick to my stomach. I battled nausea all day and after being awake for 6 hours, ended up puking my guts out for 10 minutes straight. 4 hours later, I threw up for 5 minutes straight. When I told my mom, she told me the chicken was most likely raw.

That's right. My school served me raw chicken.

Which resulted in food poisoning for me. Fun.

The only good thing that happened yesterday was that I talked to the guy I like from my editing class for about an hour. We talked about random things before settling on talking about horror movies. Which brought up the topic of Hostel 2 and how I have never seen that movie. So Michael asked if I was free at all today so we could watch Hostel 2 since he owned it.

We were gonna meet by the theater in the library at 2 this afternoon.

I was there. Waited for an hour.

He never showed.

So yeah. That's been the excitement of my life so far.

I get my ass kicked by raw chicken and waited for an hour for a maybe date that never happened.

Yay. -rolls eyes-
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Wow, I just realized that it's been a while since I posted something that wasn't fic related on here. So this is me correcting that.

Anyways, I've been in class for 3 weeks now and I LOVE them! All 4 of them rock and I've actually talked to people in my classes and made friends with them (something that didn't happen in Hunstville until I was already leaving). I've met some wicked awesome people at the academy and my RAs are awesome- and they've already established that I'm the go-to person for movies, as well as stealing my Buffy DVDs. Like hell that'll happen.

Anyways, homework for my classes is pretty chill. I have to write word vomit for 2 weeks and just make observation about random objects for my Successful Storytelling class, edit a 60 second movie trailer for my Non-Linear Editing class, film 10 cars and watch Vertigo for my Cinematic Storytelling class and pretend to be Batgirl for my Respect for Acting class.

My teachers are awesome too. My Cinematic Storytelling teacher is best friends with the director of Fight Club (one of my all time favorite movies), so that's fucking cool!

And then there are about 3 cute guys that I've met in my classes, one of them even asked me to lunch today cos we were in the lab logging our clips for our movie trailers. Of course he asked me then cos I look like shit since I'm sick (and well on my way to becoming sicker).

Other than that, nothing really to update. Except my brother did get pissed off at me enough to tell me to fuck off and stay outta his life over the weekend for something I didn't do. But that's all fixed since he ended up confessing to my parents the thing that he was pissed at me for- it's a long story.

And since I don't wanna end this post with a bad memory, as of now it looks like I'll be going to Comic-Con with [ profile] bobbymcg next year. WE ARE SO FUCKING EXCITED!
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So I'm all moved into my dorm and my mom landed back in Houston. Not too much has happened except me exploring the city.

I'll have pictures up as soon as I find my camera
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So I made it to San Francisco safely, and I've only been here 4 hours and I already love it!

My school is smack dab in the middle of downtown, right next to Union Square. Not much else to really report about my move so far.

Oh! My mom started watching Merlin with me on the plane, and now she's hooked. She wants to have a Merlin night tonight in the hotel room. It's really surprising cos my mom's not into that kinda show.
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 So I just realized that it's been a long ass time since I gave a proper update on events in my life. And since I've got time, I've decided to really give out updates (and rants) about events that have happened this summer.

I'll put them all in separate cuts in case you don't want to read about the stuff you have on interest in. With that said, on to my update(s)!

Update: Dad's Heart )

Rant: The Shit I Put Up With From "Friends" (And When Enough Is Enough) )

Update: Film School and Nerves )

Update: BFFL Time and Concert )

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 So my dad's surgery went well. The doctor said he's pretty sure he killed the extra heartbeat, but my dad is staying at the hospital over night just to be sure and basic post-surgery procedure.

I'm hoping that his heart issues are fixed for good now because, honestly, I don't think I would be able to handle it if something happened while I was in school. At least when this all started, I was going to community college that was 30 minutes away from my house and I could get to where I was needed quickly.

But if his heart wasn't fixed and something happened after I moved to San Francisco, not only would I not be able to handle it but I don't think I could be okay with myself going to a school states away from home while my dad had this weird condition the doctors have never seen before.

But, I'm trying this new thing were I'm being optimistic. It's not working so well right now.

And since I don't wanna end this on a depressing note, me and my best friend are going to see Parachute, Michelle Branch and the Goo Goo Dolls this Sunday. We're excited cos it's our last big thing we do before school starts up.

We would've gone to RHPS like we usually do, but she has to go to this family thing on the day Rocky Horror is happening. No big deal, we figured we'll go over Christmas break or next summer.
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 Sorry about the lack of updates. Things have kinda been....weird.

Read more... )


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