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I'm out in the backyard, chilling with my family, and my brother brought up the "world ending" today. So the four of us got on this whole conversation about this rapture business and my brother asked me why I don't believe the world is ending, only to come back and say, "Oh wait, that's right! You're a freaking Buddhist."

I told him no, that was not the reason why. The reason why I don't believe it's gonna end is because I have to watch tonight's episode of Doctor Who. And I need see season 4 of Merlin in September. And the last part of Deathly Hallows. And a million other things.

Stevie, being the smart ass 16 year old he is, asked me what would happen if I was wrong and the rapture did happen and I was left here with all the badness. I told him that I would put together a kick ass team to fight the demons and we call ourselves the Scooby Gang.

So this prompted me to make a list of my Scooby Gang.

To complete this team, I will need:

-A knowledgeable British friend with a history of being a rebellious bad ass
-A kick ass magical friend
-A wise cracking friend
-A time travelling alien with a blue box
-A crime solving, talking dog
-A guitar playing werewolf
-A never-dying alien fighter
-A billionaire vigilante
-A pompous prince with his sorcerer servant
-An evil smirking witch
-A futuristic robotic dog built by previous mentioned time travelling alien

Yeah, I told my brother this and him (plus my parents) just stared at me.

I regret nothing that I said.
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 So apparently the world's supposed to end today. If it does, I'll be one of the people left to face Hell on Earth.

Why? One reason, because I read Harry Potter. And a million other reason (mainly because I'm Buddhist).

By the way, these are the reasons one of my friends gave me- she's been saying that she needs to "save my soul" ever since she found out I was Buddhist and what not.

So I'll be left behind to face Hell and all the big bads that come with it.

Well, here's what I say to that....
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